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Detecting Mold in Properties Across the Greater West Florida Area

In homes and businesses across West Florida, warm, moist conditions create the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow and spread. Anything from a flood to a dripping pipe can give mold the moisture it needs to take hold, and it can happen fast - mold problems can begin in as little as 48-hours after any type of water damage occurs, and they can begin in out-of-the-way corners where you can’t see them. This means that even if you’re vigilant, mold can go undetected for quite some time, growing under your carpets, behind your wallpaper, or under your floorboards. Mold can also grow inside your HVAC system, and if that happens, you’ll have mold spores blowing throughout your home or business. 

Once you’ve found mold or spotted the warning signs of a mold infestation, it’s critical to get rid of it right away. Without thorough, professional inspection, assessment, and remediation, mold problems can return time and again. That’s why you need Bryant Clean Air. We’re Clearwater’s most trusted mold inspection and remediation company for a reason - our team of local Clearwater-based technicians have the experience, expertise, and professional equipment needed to take care of your mold problem quickly and completely. When you put your trust in us, we guarantee your home or business will be safe and completely mold-free.

Find all of the mold solutions you need at Bryant Clean Air. Call (727) 513-4443 today to schedule service in Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tampa, Tarpon Springs, or any of the surrounding areas!


Services We Provide

  • Mold Inspections – When you see visible mold, it’s clear that you have a problem. However, it’s far more common for mold spores to grow in hidden areas. This is why you need a professional mold inspection from Bryant Clean Air. Our expert technicians are trained to seek out both visible and hidden mold. Once we find it, we’ll take samples and send them off to a certified lab for testing. This will let you know the type of mold you’re dealing with and whether it poses a health risk. We’ll also test your indoor air quality to determine whether mold spores are contaminating the air you breathe. Once we’re done with your mold inspection, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive recommendation for taking care of any mold problems we’ve uncovered.
  • Mold Remediation – Mold remediation often requires a multi-step approach to ensure the problem is completely resolved. Eliminating mold from your air ducts and AC unit is an important first step. Air duct cleaning will remove mold spores, dirt, and other potentially harmful particles. This will prevent them from multiplying and blowing throughout your home or business. Coil sanitation will also ensure that mold spores aren’t accumulating within your AC unit. For longer-term protection, adding a UV light inside your system will ensure the ongoing sanitization of your HVAC equipment. Our mold remediation specialists will evaluate your situation and help you choose the perfect solution so you can get rid of your mold problem once and for all.
  • And more!

Here for All of Your Mold Issues

Whether you suspect mold may be hiding out in the nooks and crannies of your property or are ready to get your mold infestation remediated for good, Bryant Clean air can help. Call our Clearwater office at (727) 513-4443 today to get started!

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Suspect a Mold Infestation? Call Bryant Clean Air

It doesn’t take long for a few mold spores to turn into a big problem. It often starts with a “musty” smell or a few spots of visible mold. Left untreated, mold can start to eat away at your home or business, damaging the ceiling, floors, and walls. Some types of mold can also make you sick. 

What Can Unchecked and Unresolved Mold Problems Do to Your Property?

  • Cause lung infections and other diseases
  • Cause pets and animals to become ill
  • Eat away at essential structural features
  • Cause the development of foul, persistent odors
  • Spread to food and other perishable goods

Trust Bryant Clean Air to Get the Job Done Right

Checking and treating your home or business for mold is not a job for untrained amateurs. As we’ve discussed above, mold can hide in places you wouldn’t even think to check, and properly remediating it requires professional training, equipment, and precision. At Bryant Clean Air, we are fully trained, licensed, and certified mold inspectors and remediators. Our technicians know how to spot the warning signs of a mold infestation and locate its source. No mold problem is too big or too small for us to deal with, and whether you’ve already seen mold creeping up your walls or are suspecting that hidden mold may be the source of your persistent structural issues, we have what it takes to make sure your mold problems are solved for good.

Bryant Clean Air’s Clearwater mold specialists can locate and resolve any kind of mold infestation. Call (727) 513-4443 or send us a message online today to see how we can help you!


Work with Our Trusted Mold Specialists

Don’t let mold wear away at your health or your property. Call (727) 513-4443 to schedule a service appointment with Bryant Clean Air anywhere in Clearwater or the surrounding West Florida region!

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