What to Expect During The Mold Remediation Process

What to Expect During The Mold Remediation Process

Mold remediation is the process of removing mold from your HVAC unit and remedying your unit. Mold in your HVAC unit can result in dangers to your home and family. It thrives on any moisture in the HVAC unit, and any water inside must be removed before the remediation can take place. Mold remediation can be different for each situation. At Bryant Clean Air, the process follows the steps listed below.  

Contact Bryant Clean Air

First thing’s first: call us when you find mold! Our expert staff will ask all the necessary questions over the phone to measure the severity of the mold.

Inspect the Mold

The next step involves our experts visiting your property to inspect the mold in person. Mold can be in plain sight or in a spot that can only be detected with the proper equipment. It’s extremely important to have professionals inspect the mold in your AC unit.

Mold Containment 

Our team will engage in various containment procedures to capture the mold. Once it is captured, it is unable to spread throughout other parts of your property. 

Air Filtration

Mold creates a toxic atmosphere, meaning the air must be filtered once the mold is contained. Our staff is able to clean the air, killing any remaining mold particles that may cause harm.

Removing the Mold

The type of mold and the surfaces it has infiltrated will affect the removal process. Our team will use the proper treatments to remove the remaining mold or mold colonies. We will then inspect and clean the necessary parts of the AC unit to ensure all mold is removed for good. 

If you’re worried about possible mold in your AC unit, contact Bryant Clean Air. Our team of experts is able to make your and your family safe again.