Spring Cleaning Tips for Clean Air

Spring Cleaning Tips for Clean Air

Spring is upon us, which makes it a perfect time to clean up your space. One of the most forgotten contributors to a clean home is your air quality. As you start your spring cleaning, remember to give your HVAC unit some love. As you prepare your home for the new season, keep these things in mind to help improve your air quality.

Remove the Dust

Dust in your air systems can cause your home’s air quality to feel stale and dirty. There are few things worse than coming home to a stuffy home, and your air quality can have a major effect on this. We are all too familiar with the dust that accumulates on every surface of your home. Even as we try to vacuum the area, it can cause dust to stir and float around our home. This can cause dust to end up in an HVAC unit, meaning the dust is still in your area, and actually circulated into your home’s air systems. One way to avoid this is by cleaning dust with cloths and solutions that completely eliminate the dust. This will eliminate the possibility for the dust to end up in your HVAC unit.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

As you clean your home, consider using natural cleaning products. This will have a positive impact on your indoor air quality. Certain products release compounds into the air that can be harmful to breathe and leave your home feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. Making the switch to natural cleaning products will make your home feel cleaner and will not release harmful compounds.   

Avoid Contaminates

It is tempting to leave the windows open while the weather is nice, but do so with caution. If your windows do not have a screen, you may want to avoid opening the windows. A lack of protective screen allows potential harmful contaminants to enter your home. These contaminants can cause allergy symptoms, and they can get stuck in your home’s air systems. If a contaminant enters your home and gets stuck in your unit, it can end up circulating through your entire home. As you work on your spring cleaning, remember to change your HVAC unit’s air filter, this will ensure that your unit is not recirculating any contaminants that may have accidentally entered your air systems. 

Check Your HVAC Unit

In Tampa Bay, spring means the summer heat is close. As you prepare your home for spring cleaning, remember to check up on your HVAC unit. If your unit is off track, now is the time to get it working again, before the heat of summer hits.

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