Air Quality and UV Lights

Air Quality and UV Lights

Are you looking for ways to improve your indoor air quality? We like to think that our home is a safe sanctuary, but studies show the air in your home is actually dirtier than the air outside! Improving your indoor air quality will result in a healthier space, and will help protect your family. Keeping your air conditioning unit and ductwork clean is one of the best ways to ensure your indoor air quality is clean.

In recent years, UV Lights have been applied to improving residential air conditioning systems. UV Lights have been adapted for all kinds of uses, especially when it comes to sanitation. These UV Lights play an important role in indoor air quality. 

UV Lights

AC Coil Sanitation UV light is a stick type light that is installed inside your unit that sanitizes the air handler coil. These UV Lights run nonstop and are the most common type of HVAC UV Light. They control the mold inside the air handler, effectively eliminating mold spores. If there are mold spores in your air conditioning unit, this allows the opportunity for mold to be dispersed throughout the air in your home. A clean air conditioning unit, specifically that is mold free, plays an important role in indoor air quality. 

Other types of UV Lights can sanitize the moving air. This light is installed in the return air ducts and cycle through the air handler blower. 

Benefits of UV Lights

There are many benefits of UV Lights. They help to control mold and bacteria, decreasing the chance of harmful particles entering your home. They reduce colds and flus, as the UV Lights kill the germs so that harmful particles are not re-circulated throughout your home. The UV Lights reduces vile odors, including urine, smoke and more. 

Within your air conditioning system, they reduce clogging in the drain lines, which prevents the growth of bacteria and algae. UV Lights maintain a clean air condoning coil, which helps cool your home effectively and even reduces your electricity costs! 

Indoor Air Quality Basics 

It is important to note that indoor air quality basics allow a UV Light to work most effectively. Before installing a UV Light, check on your ductwork to make sure everything is sealed and air-tight. When it comes to indoor air quality, the team at Bryant Clean Air is here to provide the services you need. You can trust Bryant Clean Air to remedy your air of anything potentially harmful. UV Lights have many benefits, but indoor air quality basics must be prioritized for the best result. 

UV Lights are an effective way to improve your indoor air quality. At Bryant Clean Air, our top priority is the safety and health of our Clearwater residents! Contact our team to improve your indoor air quality. When you are ready to experience healthier indoor air quality, contact our team to install a UV Light. We look forward to making your home safer and helping you protect your family.